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Jacob Black

jacob black

Jacob is a werewolf from the Quileute tribe. He is the tallest character in Twilight, standing at 6'7". Before gaining his ability to shapeshift with the pack, Jacob had long black hair, russet-colored skin, high cheekbones, and dark eyes. He later cut his hair and grew nine inches taller within the year of his phasing, and gained serious muscle, being referred to as extremely handsome.

His parents are Billy and Sarah Black, who also had his sisters, Rachel and Rebecca, whom were friends with Bella in youth. Jacob was offered the role of leader but declined as he isn't particularly fond of his werewolf inheritance{what's with the love interests disliking their biggest character traits?}. Often described as friendly, hot-headed, Jacob is quite in touch with his emotional reasoning and gets blinded by them in most of the series.

After being rejected by Bella for Edward in Eclipse after accidentally overhearing their planned engagement, he becomes plagued with jealousy and distress for Bella's safety. When waiting by her bedside at Renesme's birth, he tries to take out his anger on the child for killing Bella, but accidentally imprints on her instead, making things awkward when Bella comes back to consciousness after turning. He also nicknamed Renesme after the Loch Ness monster, "Nessie". Bella was far from pleased and tried to kill him...