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Edward Cullen

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Edward Anthony Masen Jr is a vampire born on June 20th 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He is described as insanely attractive{as we know all too well}, pale with a strong jawline, full lips, and messy "bronze hair". Edward is quite brooding, stubborn, but also stated as charming, and a true romantic at heart. Edwards original eye color was green, are now referred to as liquid gold due to the vampire turning, when his thirst for blood is strong, they're said to turn to black. He is 6'2"{for the ones who care about that sort of thing} and still has the muscular, thin build of his seventeen year old self.

His family all devastatingly contracted the Spanish Flu, before passing, his mother begged the doctor(Carlisle) to do everything in his power to save her son, so after her passing, he turned the sick Edward into a vampire. His vampire power is telepathy, which acording to Carlisle, Edward was already good at picking up on people's thoughts before turning which just made it much stronger. They gained a father-son bond and are the first members of the Cullen family.

In the beginning of his vampire life, he left Carlisle and Esme's animal diet ways, to prey on the worst humans he could find. Edward has been of interest to many as he so strikingly gorgeous, such as Rosalie, and Tanya(leader of Denali coven) when they lived in Alaska, but he never expressed desire to anyone in the past until Bella{faithful king}.