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Bella Swan

bella swan

Isabella Marie (Cullen) {or Edward's "Spider Monkey}is a seventeen-year-old girl from Phoenix, Arizona who moves to Forks, Washington in Twilight, where she first meets Edward. She was born the 13th of September 1987 to her mother Renee Dwyer, and father, Charlie Swan, who later separated when she was three months old. Bella is described as a very beautiful, pale, widow's peaked brunette, her blood is said to be tempting to vampires{time and time again}.

Living with her mother in Arizona, she would still visit her father in Forks every summer, where she would become acquainted with Jacob Black, son of Charlie's best friend. When she moves back to her birthtown, Bella attends Forks High School, where she makes few friends, but is interested a group, the Cullens. Here she first meets Edward who somehow always finds himself helping her out of her clumsiness, and at one point, physically stopping a car from crashing into her in the school parking lot, saving her life. She is different to Edward as for some reason, she is the only person who's thoughts he cannot read. Numerous encounters later, they try to get to know eachother but Bella picks up on the fact that he is a vampire.

Confronting eachother in the forest, he confesses that he is indeed a creature of the night but that he ALSO happens to be enticed by her blood. They then begin to fall in love, Bella begging him to turn her into a vampire throughout the rest of the series. When Edward moves away, Bella becomes closer with her childhood friend Jacob, with whom things start to heat up.

Edward eventually returns, reclaiming his status, but Bella urges to be with Edward in ways he'll only vow to commit after marriage. Bella is blessed a Cullen and becomes the mother to their daughter, Renesme. The process of pregnancy to a vampire baby took such a toll on Bella's health that Edward and Jacob decide it is best for her to be turned vampire to prevent her death. Doing so strengthened her shield abilities and this becomes her vampire trait.