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A {very} short summary about the saga just to get the jist here. Starting with Edward's strange obsession with Bella after their first encounter at school where her blood was so pungent he attempted to switch classes. After being lab partners, Edward realizes he cannot read Bella's thoughts, bizarre as this is his vampire skill. Many close calls with accidents and the infamous car crash later, Edward confessed to her that he is a vampire, and his feelings toward her, she too.

An incident with another vampire coven leads the Cullens to move away, in hopes to keep Bella out of more harms way. Then Jacob makes a reappearance and is drastically more attractive, Bella and him hit it off, but she is still not over Edward, and becomes wreckless with her life to even see the apparitions of him warning her about safety. Jacob decides they cannot be friends due to her instability and their arguing.

Mistaken word gets through to Edward that she is dead and he takes it upon himself to ask the Volturi head vampires to kill him as he sees no more purpose to live. Alice and Bella speak again and go to stop him from this. They reconcile but the Volturi expect Edward to turn Bella as she is a liability, knowing this much about vampires. Returned to Forks, Edward proposes to Bella before he agrees to turn her. The alternate vampire coven from earlier come to fight and kill Bella, the Cullens and LaPush werewolves{Jacob} band together for the battle.

In Breaking Dawn, the two wed and Jacob attends, all goes well except his outburst after finding out about her intention to make love with Edward while still human. They honeymoon on Isle Esme, where she becomes unexpectedly pregnant with a half-human-half-vampire child. The couple return to Carlisle to help, she becomes sick due to the vampires' heightened growth rate. Moments from death, she names the baby Renesme, Edward then bites her multiple times to turn and revive her.

They adapt to life as vampires with a child. Another coven vampire notices their child and reports to the Volturi, ending up in a massive fight of centuries. Strenuous hours later, the Volturi retreat, leaving the Cullens and all included alone due to the resolution of their plots for war. They carry on to live well and in the most of love.